Windows vista search not working at least as expected


I’ve always had this suspect but last day I had the confirmation compelled to search among my image files. It really seems that the Explorer file search of Vista is bugged badly. If you use common ALWAYS working command prompt command:

dir g:\xxx\yyy\Images\*bici* /s

I’m able to find 28 files.

If instead I make the same search starting from the same root even using the advanced search using the flag of the damned stupid Vista professional interface “include non indexed, hidden and system files (might be slow)” i find only 6 items!!!!

There seems even no way to specify capital letters or just lower or both and other staff.. as it was on Windows XP, so we can give the Gold Palm to Microsoft for having produced an OS MUCH worse than the older!

This is really unacceptable from a  so costly OS!! I think at least in US where class actions do work, somebody should move on and do something. This is not the only thing that is unacceptable, there is even the continuous lost of time keeping up processor cycles to be sure that the user is not copying something.

I hope Steeve won’t get angry if I report a piece of he’s analysis about Windows Vista:

Steve: Right. I was just going to say that the spec does require that software drivers at every

30 milliseconds, which is essentially 30 times per second, are going out and polling the

hardware in order to maintain an intimate relationship with the hardware in order to try to

catch anybody playing any games. So even when your system is not actively doing something,

you’ve got drivers that are busy making sure that nothing continues to happen.


I think that this little piece tells enough to ask for M$ a lot of money for being prone to the lobbies of entertainment instead of their customers..

I think that windows 7 is a (bad) way to say they’ve learned the lesson.