Samsung Galaxy S upgrade to Frojo aka Android 2.2 witth KIES software and MTP errors

Hi all, if you’re reading this is probably because you had troubles trying to upgrade to Frojo or Android 2.2.

When I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S I had Android 2.1 update 1 (Eclair) on board.

I never needed to setup an USB connection so I decided to move this way only recently when I heard about the highly waited update.

Well the first step was to install Samsung KIES the software necessary to connect, backup, synchronize, upgrade your Galaxy S.

It’s easy to let the smartphone connect as USB Mass Storage.

Just connect it with the USB cable and goto:

Settings->About phone->USB settings-><choose whatever you like>

My suggestion is to use instead of <choose whatever you like> the “Ask on connection“.

Now whenever you connect your USB you swipe off the screen saver and choose the proper connection needed in that moment.

First thing to consider is to understand why, when you select to connect in KIES mode, the screen started to flash continously trying to connect and never been able to do it.

At the moment of writing, still with KIES which for me is running under Windows Vista 32bit it is a 2 problem related issue that can be solved in the 2 following steps:

  1. Deleting every file whose extension is larger than 16 characters. To do this you can do it manually by finding all files and selecting the extension “defectives“, or you can use this utility to search for them and by deleting them thereafter. To do this of course you have to mount the Galaxy as Mass Storage. To do this:
    1. Connect USB cable to Galaxy S
    2. Select USB Mass Storage as type of connection
    3. after selection go to the Galaxy S and pull down the status bar on the top. Tip on the USB connection symbol and select “Mount“. You should here the classical sound of mounted drives.
  2. Change the default MTP driver.
    1. Goto Control Panel->Device Manager
    2. Select View->Show hidden devices
    3. in Select View let the option->Devices by type
    4. look down to a little blue screen icon with written Portable Devices
    5. If you find SAMSUNG something, instead, right click and choose to select another driver.
    6. point it to the dir on your machine where KIES is installed like:
    7. C:\Program Files\Samsung\USB Drivers\16_Shrewsbury
    8. Usually it default to the wrong 15_Symbian_Samsung…
    9. by selecting that driver the new USB connection of portable device becomes GT-I9000 and working!


Now you can try connect the Galaxy S to upgrade to the new firmware.

Rimember though that whenever you make those tests you can use the debugging settings for:

USB Debug mode:

MENU-> Settings-> Applications-> Developement-> USB debugging = Checked

KIES Debug mode:



Microsoft Fix1:

  1. Open ‘Command Prompt’
  2. Type in ‘cd c:\windows\system32′ in the command prompt window
  3. Type ‘dir msxml*’ and enter in the command window

If there is not an ‘msxml6.dll’ file shown in the list, download the file from the following link and make sure to leave your command prompt window open, you’ll need it for later.  Download the first file in the list at the bottom of the page called msxml6.msi  and you have a 64-bit system download the bottom link called msxml6_x64.msi (if you’re not sure what system you have just download the first one)

in the CMD prompt type ‘regsvr32 msxml6.dll’ and press enter and you should see something similar to the screen below.

Microsoft Fix2 (umdf driver):

By the way, Android 2.2 or Froyo is the real name for which the actual firmware name is called: I9000XXJPC but seems to be not still available for my Galaxy S in 5 December 2010 as of writing!

There is a solution to upgrade by faking the Registry, but can I suggest a clever idea like this? I think not, but want just to recall it as a memo.. just in case..:

Rooting the Galaxy S on Windows here:

(This is compatible with the GT-i9000, Captivate, and Vibrant.)




Requirements: Dot Net Framework version 4
You will also need the Samsung USB drivers, which can be found above near the top of this post.


  1. Make sure your phone is on USB Debug mode: MENU-> Settings-> Applications-> Developement > USB debugging = Checked
  2. For Windows x86 and x64 systems make sure that the Samsung USB Drivers above are installed.
  3. Extract the contents of Galaxy_One-Click_Root.rar to a folder.
  4. Connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable and launch the file “Galaxy_One-Click_Root.exe”
  5. Click the “One-Click Root” button. This will launch a command shell follow the instructions in the CMD prompt window.

This can be useful with Eclair 2.1 in order to make a full backup with Titan Backup..


  1. To UnRoot follow the same instructions except click on “One-Click UnRoot”.

Hei, there are lot of triks with M$ Regedit32 around the keyword:


and other keys that will allow you to fake the system and force to download new beta software. I wouldn’t reccomend it though!

Good luck!