BP (Brithish Petroleum) company will probably have to shut down soon!

Black storm rising. This is what we continue to read every day and from time to time there is even somebody like the great President Obama that shyly tries to impose a symbolic tax of one cent per barrel.

Sorry guys but for this kind of “mistakes” a full world economy will have to change. That’s the demonstration that we need to push much further to an energy economy away from petroleum and nuclear as errors happens and the Mexican Gulf spread of oil is a non minor disaster than the one of Chernobyl.

Somebody will have to pay. Nothing symbolic.. just real money. At least we should start to think at a much more realistic 10 USD for each barrel. I’m not joking I’m damned serious as I think that if it’s already too late to recover from our huge mistakes (so low founds in searching for nuclear fusion of deuterium-deuterium and alternative energies like solar, eolic, sea tidals) he have to balance the catastrophic damages performed across the world to sea and ground with such a tax ( less than 10% so much less than V.A.T. ).

This money PGET (petroleum global environmental tax) will be split in a series of founds:

  1. 50% To the research of utilizing of new clean energy sources (solar, eolic etc..)
  2. 30% To the recover of the damages caused by the spread of oil both in the sea and on the ground.
  3. 10% To people that have loost their job because of oil spread
  4. 10% To compensate poor countries with Oil found on their territory and convince them not to use it in order to avoid further pollution.

These are just some ideas but I’m afraid that what happened the 20th of April 2010 is just the start of our “end” expected from the Maya calendar in 21 December¬† 2012.

That said no money at all will be able to recover from the damages seen in the last months (that are still happening) in the Mexican Gulf, but at least we should start to push over to something new and different than what is our current dirty pollution ready petroleum economy.

I don’t think there will be enough money to cover all the damages not in BP and all other Oil companies together. Perhaps BP still haven’t realized or.. it thinks to have “the shoulders covered” from some influent politician.. I wouldn’t be so sure though. In the months or years that will come we’ll see that probably BP will have to shut down because of the hundreds of class actions ready to go in US, Mexico and I’m afraid in other countries as well when (if) they will be polluted from the huge stain of black sea.


P.S. Has anybody thought at what could happen if the sea oil spill will spread thorough the Caribbean? I’m just terrorized by the idea and do hope it won’t ever happen. But I hope somebody is seriously thinking about doing something serious to stop this spill.