AVI2DVD free and working converter suggestion

As probably a lot of people, I was askedĀ  a friend of mine to supply a tool to convert AVI (an mpeg film I recorded with my Canon) to a DVD as this friend of mine didn’t have any PC !!!

I remembered I used a tool 5 years ago but couldn’t find it any more! After a lot of searches the only free working tool I found was DVDStyler now in version 1.8.2 for windows that I must say it really does it’s job perfectly. It’s not full of options, it’s not as fast as a lightening, but it works like a charm allowing you either to burn or to make an ISO file from which you can check your job using VLC or other player of your tastes.

So what I must say to you? It’s a good suggestion, it’s from http://sourceforge.net that has become over time one of the best sources for very good software.

Enjoy it!